Jeff Ryan


“I want the audience to experience different feelings during and after the film due to their relationship with the protagonist.” 

I am the type of person that will over analyze everything that goes on in my life. My film, Jerry, tells the story of a man who goes through extreme measures to save his marriage. The story resonates with me in many different ways and I see myself in the character of Jerry. Jerry overhears his wife explaining how she is bored and needs a change. She mentions how Jerry is predictable and cheap. Jerry decides to take a chance. He attempts to break in to a car, but fails. He finds himself inside a toy store where he sees it as his chance to make a change. The events take him to jail where Jerry’s wife meets him. She is hurt and realizes that she now has to take action to afford to get him out. I want to tell the story in the cut. This is a part of my filmmaking experience that I am still learning. I want the viewer to have to work to find out what is going on in the story. By doing this, each audience member that watches this will have their own interpretations of the events unfolding. The concepts may still be the same, but what each individual gets out of this film will be different. The film will hopefully move people to empathize with Jerry.

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