Elise D’Adamo

The Potential Theory

“Missions has given me a new perspective on communications because I have seen how communication can be used to make a difference.”

With my major in Communication Arts, I hope to work in nonprofit to benefit the people around me. I have come to know a beautiful area of communication through my missions experiences in Mississippi and I have become equipped for marrying the two together. The things that I have learned about missions through my communication classes broadened my view of what missions is really supposed to be. People are all so very different and what a lovely thing to communicate!

I hope to create new ways of looking at missions and the people being served through missions by communication. There is not enough communication between the served and the serving, leaving people confused or offended. The art I want to create is a beautiful connection between these two groups that leaves both feeling satisfied and brings a sense of progress. Most importantly, I hope to communicate the potential of all people and that God blesses everyone with something no one else has.

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