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It’s Senior Thesis Time!

7 Dec

This Thursday night, Dec. 8, is the CASE F11 program.

See the post below for a full schedule, and check out our artists’ statements. Our program is a creative, challenging one highlighting the capstone creative work of Gordon’s Communication Arts seniors, with an emphasis on paying attention to the stories around us.

We hope to see you in the Barrington Center for the Arts on December 8, 2011.


The schedule is set!

29 Nov

December 8, 6:00-10:00 p.m.

Gordon College, Barrington Center for the Arts

Students will present their work in small groups followed by Q & A and an opportunity to interact further during a break. New groups will begin every 45 minutes to an hour. Approximate start times are as follows:

1. Public Relations: People, Practice, and Proposal (6:00-6:40)

Kate Brooks: “The Power of Personal Story in Public Relations”

Sheldon Costa: “Manifest Your Destiny”

Vroselyn Benjamin: “Her Body Her Beauty”


2. Cultural Communication: Research, Blog, and Opinion (6:50-7:30)

Natalie Giordono: “Knowing your Neighbor: Communicating with Immigrants”

Elise D’Adamo: “The Potential Theory”

Deborah Devenney: “Supreme Court Editorials”


3. Local and Broadcast Stories: News and Documentary (7:45-8:25)

Rachel Bell: “Community Journalism in Zimbabwe”

Angela Rodriguez: “TV News and its Influence”

Gabrielle Witham: “Cross-Readership and Editorial Design”

Jon Knudtson: “Scooter Kids”


4.  Film: Screenplay and Shorts (8:35-9:15)

Emily Petteys: “Hazel”

Jeff Ryan: “Jerry”

Isaac Seeland: “Boy”

Laura Davis: “The Actors”

Welcome to CASE F11

22 Nov

Welcome to CASE F11 – the Fall 2011 episode of the Communication Arts Senior Exhibition.

On Thursday evening, December 8, fourteen seniors majoring or minoring in Communication Arts will present their thesis projects to the public. These projects cover the range of genres that our students work on while studying Communication Arts at Gordon College. Our major is a program that cultivates understanding, evaluation, and skill, in convergent, visual media, with an emphasis on storytelling.

Some of this year’s projects are traditional research papers that explore intercultural communication, Public Relations, and journalism in the U.S. and in Africa. Some are short films – funny, poignant, challenging. Other pieces include a documentary, opinion series, online newspaper design, blog, special events proposal and media kit, and more.

Please consider joining us in the Barrington Center for the Arts on December 8, to hear and respond to this creative, productive work. Explore our artists’ philosophies and project descriptions on this blog. We’ll update this page periodically as our story unfolds.

Enjoy our narratives!

Dr. Rini Cobbey, course instructor