Angela Rodriguez

TV News and its Influence 

“I wanted to bring all that I’ve learned at Gordon, and intertwine it with something I am passionate about through a research paper on the issue that I will be a part of as a newscaster.”

For my Senior Thesis Project, I have been researching and analyzing the influence of news and whether or not it is biased. I have used academic sources for and against the influence, and then have conducted an in depth analysis of three news stations and the way they portray different news stories. The three news stations of CBS Evening News, CNN Newsroom, and Fox America’s Newsroom each reported on the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the Republican Debate in Las Vegas. Each news program presented the story with a different angle, but I’ve found that in the end, the influence and bias that is so often spoken of, is actually the type of influence that is necessary for viewers. The reporters are using influence so that the audience can make their own decision.

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