The schedule is set!

29 Nov

December 8, 6:00-10:00 p.m.

Gordon College, Barrington Center for the Arts

Students will present their work in small groups followed by Q & A and an opportunity to interact further during a break. New groups will begin every 45 minutes to an hour. Approximate start times are as follows:

1. Public Relations: People, Practice, and Proposal (6:00-6:40)

Kate Brooks: “The Power of Personal Story in Public Relations”

Sheldon Costa: “Manifest Your Destiny”

Vroselyn Benjamin: “Her Body Her Beauty”


2. Cultural Communication: Research, Blog, and Opinion (6:50-7:30)

Natalie Giordono: “Knowing your Neighbor: Communicating with Immigrants”

Elise D’Adamo: “The Potential Theory”

Deborah Devenney: “Supreme Court Editorials”


3. Local and Broadcast Stories: News and Documentary (7:45-8:25)

Rachel Bell: “Community Journalism in Zimbabwe”

Angela Rodriguez: “TV News and its Influence”

Gabrielle Witham: “Cross-Readership and Editorial Design”

Jon Knudtson: “Scooter Kids”


4.  Film: Screenplay and Shorts (8:35-9:15)

Emily Petteys: “Hazel”

Jeff Ryan: “Jerry”

Isaac Seeland: “Boy”

Laura Davis: “The Actors”


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